The idea of the platform The establishment of the platform is an unprecedented constructive idea that has been found to support and provide civil society organizations and voluntary teams with various competencies, as well as universities and government institutions, with the potential manpower to help them meet their needs and develop their work by contributing to the provision of numbers of volunteers who will provide services to the community. By making voluntary contributions. This work will help volunteers in a great way to build their personalities and refining their skills and invest their time in the best way. In addition to the above, the platform provides the possibility of agreement with the commercial and service companies, which will also provide free services and certain discounts on their services and products to this distinct segment of volunteers in exchange for the appropriate publicity that will achieve these companies more spread. The platform is based on the principle of win-win. It is one of the most successful methods that gives all partners (individuals or institutions) a strong incentive to continue and strengthen partnership in order to achieve greater benefit for all. All this has made the developers of this platform work on launching an interactive technology system that helps all parties to achieve common interests by creating a creative and creative environment for their joint work.

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