Bevol Platform

What is Bevol Platform?

An independent global platform that promotes the culture of volunteering and enhances the performance of community responsibility using motivational means by providing a link between volunteers and partners through a modern and innovative technical system to consolidate noble human values and achieve peace and development in all societies.

What is the idea of the platform?

The idea of the platform The establishment of the platform is an unprecedented constructive idea that has been found to support and provide civil society organizations and voluntary teams with various competencies, as well as universities and government institutions, with the potential manpower to help them meet their needs and develop their work by contributing to the provision of numbers of volunteers who will provide services to the community. By making voluntary contributions. This work will help volunteers in a great way to build their personalities and refining their skills and invest their time in the best way. In addition to the above, the platform provides the possibility of agreement with the commercial and service companies, which will also provide free services and certain discounts on their services and products to this distinct segment of volunteers in exchange for the appropriate publicity that will achieve these companies more spread. The platform is based on the principle of win-win. It is one of the most successful methods that gives all partners (individuals or institutions) a strong incentive to continue and strengthen partnership in order to achieve greater benefit for all. All this has made the developers of this platform work on launching an interactive technology system that helps all parties to achieve common interests by creating a creative and creative environment for their joint work.

What are platform objectives?

Organizing the voluntary sector in the world and maximizing its social impact on all societies.
Linking individuals and groups wishing to volunteer with specialized volunteer opportunities offered by all institutions, private and government bodies, universities, institutes and voluntary teams.
Create a unified, comprehensive electronic database of all volunteer opportunities worldwide
Facilitate youth access to appropriate opportunities based on their skills and time.
Documentation of voluntary hours around the world.
Appropriate guidance to employ the skills of those who wish to volunteer in specialized volunteer opportunities suitable for them.

Who runs the Bevol Platform?

An administrative and technical team with long experience in the field of volunteering, charitable and developmental work.

What is the international volunteer card?

The International Volunteer Card is a community recognition and appreciation of volunteer’s efforts in the world.
international volunteer card divided into five categories, which vary according to the points that the volunteer receives in return for his voluntary work.
The categories are:
Volunteering – Granting – Distinguishing – Perfecting – Leadership.
This card qualifies him to obtain discounts and free services from the active partners of the platform.

Who owns platform and to whom belongs the platform?

The platform is a community company specialized in providing services within the framework of volunteer and community work, licensed in Delaware – United States of America and is completely independent, as it does not follow any other entity
, whether this entity
is a governmental, political, religious or intellectual, and does not belong to any sect, denomination, nationality or race.
But it adopts the principles of neutrality, independence and non-discrimination.

What are the volunteer areas involved in the Platform?

Community Service
Volunteer types: Individual volunteer – Volunteer team – Volunteer organization
Forms of volunteering: – Money (cash or In kind) – physical effort – mental effort (Presence – remotely)
Volunteer areas:
Administrative work
Psychological support
Rehabilitation and training
Studies and research
Statistics and Surveys
Programming and technical work
Cultural and artistic activities
Sports activities
Organization of events
Marketing and public relations
Intended recreational activities
18 – Models of behaviour (good example)

Motherhood and Childhood Welfare
Care of orphans
Care of Elderly
Care of people with special needs
Defending human rights
24 – animal welfare

Public services (in Municipalities)
Services during disasters and crises
Environmental services
Food baskets and meals
And more …………

What documents are required to register as a volunteer on the Bevol Platform?

Educational certificates obtained by the volunteer
Experience certificates in career work, if any
Certificates of experience in volunteer work, if any

What is provided to the Bevol platform volunteers as a documentation of their missions and participation in volunteer work?

Volunteers will be given certificates upon completion of participation in the volunteer missions and a certificate showing the total number of volunteering hours.

How can volunteers ask about training courses or events and their choice between volunteer opportunities?

Volunteer can view all details and participate in volunteer opportunities through the homepage of the website of the platform and all information about them under the category of volunteer opportunities.
Bevol volunteers will be notified by e-mail about training dates or events and events. The e-mail will contain basic training or activity information
And if the volunteer has any further questions he can

Contact the volunteer affairs department – [email protected]
Also through the contact form in our Contact us section

How does the BEVOL platform ensure that volunteer training records are updated after completion of training?

Each volunteer must register in the attendance record in every event or training attended by the volunteer. The attendance record will be recorded to the database of the platform through the organization which organized the event to ensure that the records of all volunteers has been updated.

How can I contribute my suggestions and notes regarding Bevol platform?

By filling out the feedback and suggestions form on the website at the following link
-We will take the necessary action and respond to you as soon as possible.

What are the benefits offered by the platform to volunteers?

Join an accredited platform to find suitable and diverse volunteer opportunities. Access to the largest number of volunteer opportunities suitable for each volunteer. The opportunity to choose the most appropriate area for the individual’s interests, experiences, time and place of residence. Build a personal log of the volunteer. Opportunity to be nominated for the Best Volunteer Award. Continuing training and awareness about volunteer work. Adopting and documenting voluntary hours for volunteers and incorporating them into their records. Obtaining an international volunteer card Obtaining discounts and free products from the partner companies in the platform, as well as access to free courses and free and various university grants.

What are the Bevol points and how do I obtain them?

Bevol points are what volunteers obtain in return for their volunteer missions, which will be added to their balance in their international volunteer card.

What are the advantages offered by the platform to the volunteer teams?

Join an internationally accredited platform to find suitable and diverse volunteer opportunities
Adopting and documenting volunteer hours.
To reach the largest number of outstanding volunteers to carry out volunteer work and various service projects
Utilization of call centres and customer service services
Contribute to the promotion of voluntary projects and initiatives
The opportunity to nominate for the award of the best innovative volunteer projects.
Facilitate the procedures for granting the required funds to participate in various volunteer activities.

What is the way to calculate points in the Bevol platform?

The method of calculating the equivalent points for each mission in the Bevol platform is based on a set of criteria:
1 – Criteria for evaluation of the mission itself: level of difficulty of the mission , time and date, time required for implementation, number of beneficiaries, whether the mission executors a group or individuals?.
2 – Volunteer Commitment: The volunteer’s commitment to the deadlines of the mission is taken into consideration, through the mission schedule, which the mission in charge institution fills every day of the mission.
3 – Evaluating the performance of the volunteer: which is done by the mission in charge institution by answering a set of questions related to the performance of the volunteer in this mission .

What are the benefits of the platform for organizations?

Join an accredited platform to fill the gap in the number of volunteers required to carry out voluntary missions.
To reach the appropriate number of volunteers specialized and appropriate to carry out voluntary missions.
Promoting voluntary opportunities and organization projects.
Provide institutions with approved reports of the events they have participated in
The opportunity to nominate for the award of the best innovative volunteer projects.
Access to qualified staff through the volunteer database on the platform.
Access to training and capacity-building in volunteer management through the platform.
Raising the efficiency of institutional capital of organization by helping to reduce administrative expenses
Assisting institutions in enhancing their performance in their role in social responsibility.

How does Bevol ensure the credibility of organizations that requre for volunteers ?

The platform requires the institutions and companies which wish to join, to register their registeration information and attach a copy of the official registeration .
These data are validated in order for the organization or company to be approved thereafter.
Government institutions are required to place their official email, which includes the gov. Or .org followed by the 2 enitial letters the country to which it follows.

What is the service range of the Bevol Platform?

The Bevol Platform serves all countries in the world.

Will the volunteers registered with the platform be volunteers for Bevol?

Bevol is not an executive body, but a platform was established to provide linking and networking between volunteers and organizations that requre for volunteers on the other hand, and registering as a volunteer is limited to community volunteering work that serves the communities through community institutions, governmental institutions or universities participating in the platform.

What are the criteria for registering as a volunteer on the Bevol Platform?

Any person who is capable of giving and volunteering can volunteer according to his time, experience and place of residence, of all ages according to the Charter of Volunteering for the United Nations and of all nationalities in all possible forms.

How can I apply for volunteering with the required documents to register and upload all the documents required to complete the registration procedures?

You can register and upload documents directly via the website

How does the volunteer identify responsibilities, duties and other information related to the rights of volunteers?

By reading and signing the terms and conditions contained in the Bevol International agreement, which contains all necessary information and all the rights and responsibilities of each volunteer.

Where can volunteers find information about Bevol training courses, volunteering opportunities and activities?

To know about volunteering opportunities, upcoming events calendar and information about the latest important updates. Volunteers can visit the website of the Bevol International Platform.