About Bevol:

A global social platform, that organizing and networking volunteering work, within a stimulating, interactive environment.

Our vision:

The safe interactive environment of volunteering in the world.
(Where Bevol looks forward to being the leading platform in organizing and developing volunteering work globally).

Our Mission:

Networking of stakeholders involved in volunteering work and organizing their relationships in a specialized interactive environment as follows:
1. Facilitate the volunteer’s access to the volunteering opportunities he wishes, document his volunteering work, give him material and moral gains and enhance his autobiography, thereby increasing his chances of obtaining a suitable job.
2. Help institutions who need volunteers to get the most experienced and professional volunteers through a large database of volunteers worldwide.
3 – Provide the opportunity for companies and institutions who are wishing to perform their social responsibility through the system adopted by Bevol in supporting volunteering work globally.

who we are :

Unprecedented, Independent, Interactive International Platform which promotes the culture of volunteerism and enhances the performance of social responsibility by using motivational means, by providing linking mechanisms between volunteer and the acting parties through innovative, modern and technological system in order to consolidate noble humanitarian values and to achieve peace and development in all societies.

Bevol History:

  • The Idea of Bevol platform began in 2015
  • The Platform was established on 12/5/2017 which corresponds to World Volunteering Day
  • The Beta launch was on 2018/9/25 which corresponds to the World Day of Social Responsibility

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