Terms and Conditions

Please read the items carefully as they will apply to you

By using this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. We may modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time.

Modified Terms shall go into effect when they are published.


The platform adopts strict policies to maintain the confidentiality of the information and registers of the partner groups. These information are used for the good of all users of the platform’s technical program in order to attract volunteers and support volunteer activities. The users can include the following:

  • Groups of institutions and bodies that request events and voluntary activities,
  • Volunteer groups for these events,
  • Groups of companies that offer services and goods at certain discounts or free of charge.

Any individual, institution or company agrees and undertakes to act to avoid any risks that may arise to any of these “groups” during the volunteer activities to be fully secure and safe, emphasizing that such volunteer activities will not expose any of the “groups” or other parties to risk.

Hereby, the volunteer undertakes to agree, committ and confirm the following:

– To Maintain all the technological resources, tools and equipment to carry out voluntary roles and responsibilities within the framework of the volunteer program.  Furthermore, to use these equipments in accordance with the instructions provided to use them, and then to return those resources to the organizer once the volunteer mission is completed.

– Keeping personal belongings, located in the places of voluntary activity, is the responsibility of the volunteer (including bags, wallets, jewelry and money). The Volunteer Demander is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to any personal property.

– The Platform has the right to terminate volunteer services for any volunteer immediately at any time in case of violation of any of the terms & conditions of this agreement or in case of any misconduct.

– To inform (as soon as possible) the platform / Volunteer Demander if the volunteer cannot continue with the voluntary services he has started. Therefore, the platform will be entitled to cancel any accreditation or right for this volunteer to benefit from the services or offers.

– A volunteer has the right to cancel his participation in a voluntary mission no less than 72 hours before the scheduled time of the event/activity. In case the volunteer did not consider this time-frame, the platform has the right to cancel some of the features provided to the volunteer, and that includes canceling his/her account in case of repeated violation.

– Inform the platform immediately about any violation or misconduct that might lead to a bad reputation of the platform or organization requesting the volunteer.

– The platform has the right to benefit from all audios, images, ideas and volunteer experiences to use them for promotional uses related to volunteering and voluntary methods and options.

– The platform has the right to monitor and control all information received. Therefore, volunteers agree that the platform can use their information as required and illustrated in these Terms and Conditions.

– Commitment to attend all activities related to the assigned tasks during volunteering and to ensure that the services provided to all beneficiaries are provided in a fair and fair manner without any form of intolerance or discrimination.

– The volunteer should be careful about his personal appearance in moderation without exaggeration or neglect, taking into account accepted standards and ethics.

– The platform may terminate a volunteer services in case of violating the regulations in a manner that harms any of the platform partners, or in case of repeated failure to do the assigned tasks, or if the volunteer is unable to perform the tasks agreed with him or the futility of his voluntary participation.

– The volunteer is not entitled to publish any private information about the platform, Volunteer Demanders, or beneficiaries of their services, without a written consent of the officials in the organization. The general information published by the parties do not count in this regulation. The platform has the right to put the volunteer under accountability for any published special/private information in any manner whatsoever. Therefore, the volunteer should comply according with the limits of his voluntary work and tasks, and shall not be allowed to give any information might violate this regulation.

– To follow the laws of the country where the activity takes place and respect the customs of the host community.


Groups of organizations and Volunteers Demanders have to adhere and agree the following:

– Clarifying the work plan in the projects and activities in which the volunteer will participate and defining his role in a written description of his duties, the work and date of volunteering, duration, location and exact number of working hours required.

– The volunteer should be assigned the tasks that suit his qualifications and skills in order to allow him to accomplish and create.

– Establish a clear Monitoring & Evaluation system, as well as feedback system for the accomplished tasks. In addition to providing performance criteria on which to base the feedback system.

– The Volunteer Demander should provide the place, tools and materials required for the volunteers to perform the tasks assigned to them.

– The volunteers should be treated with respect and appreciation, and should not be subjected to any form of ill-treatment. They should be given an opportunity to explain their situation and to justify and defend themselves due to any problem during the tasks assigned to them. Furthermore, the Volunteer Demander should inform the management of the platform accordingly.

– Establish clear procedures for preserving the moral rights of the volunteers regarding their works and written reports, as well as evaluating them, informing them about the evaluation, and having the right to appeal on it. In this case, the Volunteer Demander must inform the platform management about it.

– Conditions of ages: The Volunteer Demander may not accept volunteers under the age of 17 years. In the case of underage volunteers, the presence of an accompanying parent is required.


Groups of companies wishing to participate in the platform and benefit from its services should agree and approve the following:

– Offering special offers and discounts on their services and products for the volunteers who have obtained a Community Service Card.

– Not to withdraw in any way (in accordance with the agreement concluded within the prescribed period) from the providing the offers that have been agreed upon to the volunteers, whether the offer was a specific discount, free of charge services or others.

– Facilitate communication between volunteers – Community Service Card holders – and the person in charge of the platform programs. And to enable these volunteers to get the demands agreed on.

– Not to use any of the information of volunteers for commercial or marketing purposes unless the platform is compatible with this.


  • All parties benefit from the platform’s features and services, all of which benefit from potential benefits, and contribute to building a harmonious society through a spirit of cooperation among all partners in the platform.


– No party may violate any of the working mechanisms adopted at the platform.

– The Platform shall not be responsible for any information or publicity published by the parties in case of violation of the laws and regulations of any other country in the world.

  • All parties agree that the information recorded by them for registration, as well as data registery are true and complete

Publishing policies


(If you see that certain content is inappropriate, please report it to the platform management to review this content and make the appropriate decision according to its approved publishing policies. Please note that the Platform management is ready to receive complaints and suggestions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive reply during 24 hours maximum).


Policy of dealing with harassment and inconvenience on the platform:

We work so that everyone can use (Bevol) without fear of any form of annoying harassment. So when you feel such harassment beyond your acceptable level, according to your point of view, please report the platform about the content in question.

Harassments may contain:

* Publishing an offensive images, videos, comments, or messages.

* Publishing news and advertisements in favor of suspicious parties.

* Disclosing a confidential information of a person.

* Publishing a person’s photo or video without his permission in a harmful way.

* Writing phrases containing any form of sexual harassment.

* Inciting any other accountant, whether a volunteer, an institution or a company.

Policy of dealing with any content incites hateful:

The Platform supports freedom of expression, motivates its members to initiate and innovates, strives to provide the right environment for these, but does not allow to publish any content that can incite hatred or violence against individuals or groups based on a particular characteristic such as race, religion, sex, language, and age.


Policy of dealing with incorrect data:

The platform requires its users to publish correct and accurate data, as the platform considers this data a reference to deal with the account holder.

As for the volunteer, the institution requesting the volunteers has the right to know the details of the volunteers. The volunteer will also receive an official card, the international volunteer card, as well as the certificates that will be obtained, which prove his/her volunteer work, and other official matters that will be dealt with him according them.

The same is true for organizations and companies, it is unacceptable to have any incorrect data, which will be interpreted as a form of deception and exploitation.

So, if such cases are discovered for any account, it will be frozen and circulated on the platform to avoid this defect, otherwise this account will be permanently canceled from the platform.


Policy of dealing with impersonation cases:

Each user will have his/her own account, through which he/she will be dealt with in all issues related to the platform. The identity of the account holders, including the legal personality of the organizations and companies, will be verified through a verification toolkit. Any impersonation case on the platform will be dealt firmly by eliminating the counterfeit account and exposing its holders to legal responsibility.


Policy of dealing with publications of a military or political nature:

The platform aims to spread the culture of volunteering by providing mechanisms for linking all partners and creating the appropriate and stimulating environment for that, to contribute to peace and development in all societies.

Accordingly, the platform will, in no way, permit the placement of any publications, photographs or videos of a military or political nature, including publications promoting a party, a political figure or a military body or whatever may refer to it.

Such publications will be immediately deleted, and the violating account will be frozen for a certain period, and the account holder will be warned to cancel his account if the violation is repeated.


The policy of dealing with publications that contain sexual scenes or nudity:

Photos or videos containing sexual or nudity scenes, as well as unethical phrases that cause dishonesty or public morality, are not allowed in any way.

Such publications will be immediately deleted, and the violating account will be frozen for a certain period, and the account holder will be warned to cancel his account if the violation is repeated.


Policies and conditions of deletion and modification for publications


First: Deletion and modification by the party that published the post


  • Missions:



Any organization that established volunteering mission can delete this mission at any time, according to the following:

Mission shouldn’t be executed, nor finished, nor its points has been distributed, otherwise, task can’t be deleted at all.

– No volunteer offered his/her application to execute this mission (regardless the organization accepted them, or still waiting).  

– If volunteers who offered their applications, and haven’t been refused previously by the organization that asked the mission, or they haven’t withdrawn willingly, the organization that asked the mission couldn’t have canceled the mission but after cancelling the applications of these volunteers (refusing them) and compromising their status through the following mechanism:    

– If the time remaining to start the mission is 24 hours or less, the organization that announced for the mission will lose some of its the balance for these volunteers, i.e. half the number of points equivalent to this mission.

If the remaining time is more than 24 hours, the organization will loss nothing of its points.

Taking to notice that the participation of this mission will not be deleted (in respect of announcing party), but it will appear as a participation of deleted mission.



Any organization can modify the mission data it has created at any time. Taking the note that the platform program will not allow a conflict between the modification date and the start and finish date. For example, the program will not allow an adjustment that will result in the need for additional points that the organization does not own. Or number of volunteers required or increase the total time required for the mission.


  • Services:



Any company offers a service, or a discount for a certain commodity via the platform web, can’t delete the card of this service, or refrain it for volunteers who has received the code for the service. The company can cancel it in case of there is no applicant who got the special code of the service.

Note that sharing this service will not be deleted (in respect of the participants) but will appear as a deleted service participation.


Any company can modify its services. This modification is limited to two things: changing a shape of Service or change the number of beneficiaries, provided that the new number is not less than the number of those who submitted and obtained the code of this service, but at the same time can’t alter the following:

Discount rate provided, type of commodity, its specifications, category of volunteer card required and date.

As for the company’s participation in the competition through the service card, if the company makes an amendment to this card, it will lose the votes it received as soon as it makes the amendment.


3- Publications and news:

All account holders, of the three categories, can delete or modify any of their publications at any time they want. Taking to notice that sharing of these publications will not be deleted (in respect of the participants) but will appear as a post to a deleted publication.


4- Job opportunities:  

Companies and organizations that advertise job vacancies through their accounts on the platform website can delete or modify their advertised job listings at any time. Taking to notice that sharing these adverts will not be deleted (in respect of the participants) but will appear as a sharing of deleted adverts.


5- Volunteering mission reports:

Organizations or volunteers who have written a report on a volunteering mission that has been completed can delete or modify this report as long as it is not yet voted on. In case the report writer wants to amend it, knowing that there are votes for him, he will lose these votes as soon as he makes the amendment.


Second: Deletion and modification by the platform:

Bevol platform is entitled to delete any post, service card or volunteering mission that violates its policies described in the Publishing Policies section

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