What is Bevol Platform?

An independent global platform that promotes the culture of volunteering and enhances the performance of community responsibility using motivational means by providing a link between volunteers and partners through a modern and innovative technical system to consolidate noble human values and achieve peace and development in all societies.

What is the idea of the platform?

The establishment of the platform is an unprecedented constructive idea that has been found to support and provide civil society organizations and voluntary teams with various competencies, as well as universities and government institutions, with the potential manpower to help them meet their needs and develop their work by contributing to the provision of numbers of volunteers who will provide services to the community. By making voluntary contributions.
This work will help volunteers in a great way to build their personalities and refining their skills and invest their time in the best way.
In addition to the above, the platform provides the possibility of agreement with the commercial and service companies, which will also provide free services and certain discounts on their services and products to this distinct segment of volunteers in exchange for the appropriate publicity that will achieve these companies more spread.
The platform is based on the principle of win-win. It is one of the most successful methods that gives all partners (individuals or institutions) a strong incentive to continue and strengthen partnership in order to achieve greater benefit for all.
All this has made the developers of this platform work on launching an interactive technology system that helps all parties to achieve common interests by creating a creative and creative environment for their joint work.

What are platform objectives?

Organizing the voluntary sector in the world and maximizing its social impact on all societies.
Linking individuals and groups wishing to volunteer with specialized volunteer opportunities offered by all institutions, private and government bodies, universities, institutes and voluntary teams.
Create a unified, comprehensive electronic database of all volunteer opportunities worldwide
Facilitate youth access to appropriate opportunities based on their skills and time.
Documentation of voluntary hours around the world.
Appropriate guidance to employ the skills of those who wish to volunteer in specialized volunteer opportunities suitable for them.

What are the benefits offered by the platform to volunteers?

Join an accredited platform to find suitable and diverse volunteer opportunities.
Access to the largest number of volunteer opportunities suitable for each volunteer.
The opportunity to choose the most appropriate area for the individual’s interests, experiences, time and place of residence.
Build a personal log of the volunteer.
Opportunity to be nominated for the Best Volunteer Award.
Continuing training and awareness about volunteer work.
Adopting and documenting voluntary hours for volunteers and incorporating them into their records.
Obtaining an international volunteer card
Obtaining discounts and free products from the partner companies in the platform, as well as access to free courses and free and various university grants.

What are the advantages offered by the platform to the volunteer teams?

Join an internationally accredited platform to find suitable and diverse volunteer opportunities
Adopting and documenting volunteer hours.
To reach the largest number of outstanding volunteers to carry out volunteer work and various service projects
Utilization of call centres and customer service services
Contribute to the promotion of voluntary projects and initiatives
The opportunity to nominate for the award of the best innovative volunteer projects.
Facilitate the procedures for granting the required funds to participate in various volunteer activities.

What are the benefits of the platform for organizations?

Join an accredited platform to fill the gap in the number of volunteers required to carry out voluntary missions.
To reach the appropriate number of volunteers specialized and appropriate to carry out voluntary missions.
Promoting voluntary opportunities and organization projects.
Provide institutions with approved reports of the events they have participated in
The opportunity to nominate for the award of the best innovative volunteer projects.
Access to qualified staff through the volunteer database on the platform.
Access to training and capacity-building in volunteer management through the platform.
Raising the efficiency of institutional capital of organization by helping to reduce administrative expenses
Assisting institutions in enhancing their performance in their role in social responsibility.

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