BEVOL International Photography Contest 2019 The best photo that shows volunteering work

BEVOL International Photography Contest 2019
The best photo that shows volunteering work

Bevol: Is a global social platform that organizes and coordinates volunteering in a
stimulating, interactive environment.
Bevol offers you a chance to participate and win its award for the best photos that show
volunteering work and s that carry an inspiring humanitarian message.

Contest Awards:

  • First Winner $1000 + (100 Bevol Points)
  • Second Winner $750 + (75 Bevol Points)
  • Third Winner $500 + (50 Bevol Points)
  • Winners from 4 to 10 (50 Bevol Points)

Contest objectives:

  • Enhancing the role of volunteering in spreading goodness in the world.
  • Promoting the awareness of sustainable development goals of by the United Nations.

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone meets the terms of the contest can participate.

Allowed photography tools:

Digital camera, professional camera or even a mobile camera.

Contest stages and time limits:

  1. Subscription, submission and filtering: (10/5/2019 to 25/6/2019)
    • Posting the photos on the platform begins as soon as they are uploaded.
    • Photos are automatically filtered on the platform website to check whether they meet
      the conditions or not.
  2. Voting: (from the beginning of the Contest until 25/6/2019)
    • The public voting process begins immediately after the photo is uploaded on the
    • The highest rating 100 photos will be presented to the evaluation committee.
  3. Evaluation: (26/6/2019 to 30/6/2019)
    • A committee of professional photography experts assesses the nominated photos.
  4. Results declaration (1/7/2019)

How to participate in the Contest:

  • Registration:
    • Register at Bevol platform,, it is important to fill out all the required data
      and information
    • After registering, the contestant will receive an International Volunteer Card with a
      credit of 20 points as a gift.
  • Uploading photos:
    • Access your account.
    • Click on the (contest) icon.
    • Click on the (add photo) icon.
    • Upload your photo/s.
    • Fill out all required fields (photo description \ name of the country or city where the
      photo was taken in \ choose the sustainable development goals associated with the
    • Publish the photo.

Terms of participation:

  • Photos should be digital.
  • The contestant is entitled to participate with three pictures maximum.
  • Description about the circumstances in which the photo was taken should be
  • Photo resolution must not be less than 1 million pixels.
  • Any aspect of photo manipulation is not allowed (editing, cropping, scanning, etc.).
  • The photo should not contain a watermark.
  • The photos which was used or presented in previous contests will be rejected.
  • Any participation containing obscene, provocative, or defamatory content will be

Privacy Policy:

  • By participating in the contest, you concede of all intellectual property rights of the
  • Bevol platform has the right to use the photos which was participated in the contest as
    part of its efforts to spread the culture of volunteerism.
  • Bevol has no legal responsibility for the content of the photos which was participated
    in the contest.
  • The contestant acknowledges that the submitted photo/s is his personal property and
    that it does not infringe the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, privacy / publicity
    rights or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party
    has any right or claim related to photo/s.